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Photo Gallery

Gallery of Photos, and soon to be, FAN ARTWORK!
Pics of Jem, the Holograms, Stingers, Misfits and more! A very special thanks to Hollywood JEM!

Jem and her "pipes"

Aja, rockin' out for the crowd

Kimber, tickling the ivories

Shana in the old days...on drums!

Raya pounds on drums while Shana gets her guitar going

Danse is known for her moves on stage with Jem

A multi-award winner, Video is Jem's camera woman

The Stingers hit town!!!

Riot, our hunky lead "Stinger"

Stingers' guitarist Rapture sure knows how to mystify

Stinger keyboardist Minx is a mega-flirt

The MISFITS know how to party

Phyllis Gabor- Pizzazz

Jetta, the Misfits Raven haired brit-chick saxophonist

Eric Raymond with Clash and the Misfits

Jerrica Benton, looking a little perplexed...

Jerrica's Hunky boyfriend- Rio

The fiery Misfits backups- Stormer, Jetta and Roxy

Does Rio have competition?

Or does Jem??